Brain cells do not work here

I did my first practice transcription last week. Hillarious is the only word I can find to describe this. I sat down and got ergonomically correct, and opened the file I was to transcribe. It was 36 minutes long. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge to learn to control the foot pedal as needed in order to type this file.

One hour later………I had done a whole 18 minutes! I couldn’t stop laughing. Funny how your brain tells your fingers what to type, but for some reason the brain cells don’t seem to be connected to the fingers, and they just fly willy-nilly all over the keyboard.

I needed a break, and a coffee. Fifteen minutes later I was back at the keyboard, to type out the last 18 minutes.

I put it away for the weekend, and decided to wait and correct it this morning. Oy vey! I need to study better on the grammar and punctuation aspects. Many mistakes…not good. I think making a cheat sheet for my bulletin board above my desk might be in order here. Something in large print that I can quickly look up at when necessary.

Feel free to share any tips that you use, to help you remember those all important rules during transcription.

And today will be a rough day, so no transcription, only book work. I have to go for more trigger point injections in my shoulder/back. Not looking forward to that. But David is coming with me to hold my hand. What a good man I have found.

Be blessed.