A Day at the Beach…and new friends

I have been seeing David for awhile now. We dated a few times, a few months ago, and then I needed a break. He seemed to be a bit “needy”…suffocating me a bit. If you know me, that will make me run quicker than a skittish deer. That is what I got out of last year..in my marriage.

Well, fast forward a few months, and several emails from David, and I let down my guard just a little bit. We also had a serious discussion about what I need in a relationship….and to my amazement, he heard me. Amazement, because I haven’t experienced that before.

So, we have been seeing each other fairly steadily the last few weeks, and seems we have fallen into a nice comfy spot. Today we got together the kids for the first time. He had never met mine, nor I his.

He has to learn one thing though…..Get used to the camera Bud!! It goes everywhere with me!!

I can’t decide…is my youngest doing an impression of Frogman or Aquaman?

And apparently, David’s son Jacob has to learn that the lens of the camera can be on you at any moment.

His daughter Deborah seems to be better at escaping the lens, as I didn’t get one photo of her.

Sam and her friends didn’t escape me however. Her friends drove up from about 20 minutes away, to go swimming with her and hang out.

They all left (including my daughter), to go swimming at another local pond, where it was less crowded. It is hard to let her take off with her friends, but she is almost 16…so I guess it’s time to let her off her leash once in awhile.

After the swimming…….

You thought you were going to see me in a bathingsuit?????? What are you high? Have you been out in the heat too much? This chickie doesn’t go swimming, so no suit needed.

We went back to my apartment and had some burgers and hot dogs, with chips and soda. A nice little meal for a desperately hot day.

Last week it rained 5 out of 6 days, and it never got out of the high 50’s to low 60’s. Yesterday was 92, today 94. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow and Tuesday before we get a bit of a break.

Maybe I will eventually get a good shot of David….I could sneak up on him when he is sleeping.