Saturday, I turned 42. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon/evening with my friend Yvette, and her 3 children, as well as my own 3. There was a lot of laughing, being silly, and having fun. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the time together.

I got this creative cake

That took so much time, to bake those cupcakes and then to spell out “Happy Birthday”. They are such good people.

I love this picture of Yvette! So playful, so her. I wish she could see herself and everyone else does.

She gives of herself, and never asks for anything in return. Sweet and sassy beyond belief.

And this woman, at 42….what is she? Who is she? What has she learned?

What is she:
-Someone who loves cautiously….sad but true. Being burned tends to make you shy away from the flame. She is finding it hard to open up to someone who seems to truly want to make her happy. Time will tell if she can let down the wall.
-A mother….with every part of her being.
-A friend….never asking anything in return. She loves to give.
-A daughter….not always the best, but she tries hard.

Who is she:
-A creative muse….someone who never sees things as black and white.
-An old soul
-A smarter person than she was at 41, but still having much to learn.

What has she learned:
-She is a good person. Not a doubt about it in the world.
-She is the only one responsible for her happiness. No one else can “make” her happy. They can add to that happiness, but not “be” it.
-That life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. As a matter of fact, it almost never does. And that is ok.
-That is it ok to love, and lose.

Be blessed.



“Douglas Adams’s book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which the number 42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.”

So, does this mean that at approximately 12:05 p.m on Saturday, I will have all the answers to life…that I never had before?

I will be 42 on Saturday. Am I stressing about it? Not a bit. Other than the issues in my life caused by my shoulder injury, I am a happy person. I am more comfortable in my own skin now, than I was 10 years ago.

True story…My 25th birthday was my WORST! I had been on this planet a quarter of a century, and had accomplished nothing in my mind. I wasn’t married yet, nor did I have children. I lived in a cramped attic apartment on the 3rd floor, with only 2 rooms and a bathroom. I had a good job, but shortly after this birthday, it would be gone, due to government layoffs.

What I didn’t know was that I would meet the man who would become my husband and the father of my wingnuts just a few short months later. And what I sure didn’t know was that it would be someone that I had known for years.

We are no longer married, sad I know. We didn’t work as a couple, both immature and unsure of what a real marriage took. But I am very proud to say that we are amazing parents. I don’t say that lightly. I know we make mistakes, like other parents…because let’s face it, wingnuts don’t come with instruction manuals. But thankfully, our mistakes have been few and far between.

We have also learned to be what we started out as….friends. That makes me happy, because he is a good man.

Let’s see, what else about 42………

I am having a BBQ at a friend’s this weekend to celebrate. Not a lot of people, just her and her 3 girls..and me and my 3 wingnuts. But we always have a great time together! Lots of laughing, being silly with the kids, and good food.

Ok, getting tired, so maybe I will add to the “42” thing tomorrow after work. Yep, back on light duty at the office again. Painful to the shoulder, but it gets me out of the house.

Be blessed! x 42

Spring…almost Summer

How gorgeous is that tree? Beautiful white blossoms. And it has been warm enough that I can hang our laundry out to dry again. What a savings that is…since I have to use the laundromat. Nothing smells better than clothes taken off the clothesline after a day in the sun.

It is also a time for our small town to come together for Pride Day. I believe it’s been around about 10-15 years. We used to do a parade on Memorial Day, but it got switched to this. It is actually better than just the parade.

Over the years it has grown tremendously. I would show you the actual parade, but sadly, the video is too large to load to Youtube or Flickr. If anyone knows of a place where I can upload a video of nearly 500mb, and embed it, let me know.

Anywhooooooo…there are now tons of vendors and games set up downtown. The Scouts set up a booth as well, giving away popcorn. We also had donation jars for both the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. My boys weren’t able to attend since they had to go to dad’s….but next year I will make sure they stay home for it.

We have been super busy with end of year activities for school, and Scouts. The kids don’t get out of school until June 25th this year, due to all the snow days. They are actually going for 2 half Saturday’s in June.

Middle wingnut is petrified he will miss Summer, hehehe.

Ok, off to study. Don’t forget to look for little signs of Spring…almost Summer in your neighborhood. Too often we don’t notice what is right under our noses.

And don’t let me forget to tell you about “D”…the new man I am seeing.

Be blessed!


Or as we affectionately call her…Mika

Now I have had cats with attitude before, but none like her. She truly believes she is superior to we pitiful humans that share her space.

Is it because she was born a barn cat, so she believes she is of the wild?

Is it because she has a “tough broad” attitude that she learned from her mother?

I think she truly believes she is doing me a great favor by climbing up in my lap while I drink my morning coffee and play on my laptop.

Stray hairs in my computer……I should feel honored she left part of herself behind.

Allowing me to run my hand down her back…..I should feel honored she let me touch her.

Claws in my thigh…..I should feel honored that she left her mark.

She is only gracing me with her presence because the kids are gone for the weekend.

I feel so used.

Randomness of the Wingnuts

I haven’t posted much about the wingnuts lately, so I thought I would share some Randomness of the Wingnuts.

Wingnut #1: My youngest wingnut had a “Curriculum Fair” the other day at school. It was a chance for the kids to showcase their work…here we exhibit our earth…

And here we have the inside….

Some random facts about Wingnut #1:
-He is obsessed with Jurassic Park at the moment … it stems from his facination with all things dinosaur.
-He is the instigator in our family. He is the source of all hijinks in our home.
-He can stand in front of a rack full of animal pelts at a Pow Wow, and tell you what each one is, without looking at the tags.
-He eats toast almost every single morning for breakfast.

Wingnut #2: He is trying to get out of having his picture taken…where is that sweet boy who used to ham for the camera?

Can’t you hear him? “Mommmmmmm!!!! Put the camera away!”

And this is the face I get when I tell him that unless he lets me take his picture, I will hold all one million Lego pieces hostage…until he gives in…

I’m such a mean, mean mom! Muahahahaha!
Some random facts about Wingnut #2:
-He is only 3″ shorter than me….he will be taller than me by the end of the summer.
-He is obsessed with Legos, boats, planes, and has to know how everything works.
-He is anal about details. It doesn’t matter if it is something simple like which way to throw the ball, or something major, like global warming. Wingnut #2 will take his sweet time deciding what to do.

And finally, Gorgeous, Stunning, Beautiful, Captivating Wingnut #3:

Am I right? Or am I right???
These photos were taken last Saturday, before my daughter went to her Sophmore Semi-Formal….stag. I wish I had her guts when I was her age. She is so confident in herself….most of the time.
Random facts about Wingnut #3:
-She is obsessed with writing….and wouldn’t you know it, she is really good at it.
-She loves Japanese anime, and all things involving the Japanese culture.
-She is headstrong one minute, and vulnerable the next.

Here’s a bravo to my wingnuts. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, without their wonderful, amazing influence in my life.

Be blessed! I am!!

Whose life is this??

So I had another appointment with my Ortho Doc today…the wonderful Dr. MP. If you don’t know about my shoulder, you can read a bit about it here. In a nutshell, I crushed the end of my collar bone while taking care of a client (I worked as a nursing assistant). That was on 10/22/07. Nearly 7 months ago. I have done PT, Ionto treatments, surgery, more PT, and am worse than before.

I have uncontrollable tremors most days. I had talked to one of the nurses a month ago at work, and she suggested a neurologist. I brought this up today, and Dr. MP agreed. Some day in the near future I will get to be stuck with bunches of needles to find out what is wrong…hopefully.

Now Dr. MP is a good guy, but I seriously think he doesn’t know why I am not healing or getting better. And that is ok, but GEEZ, admit it. Today I asked if I should renew my LNA license…his answer “I don’t know. I can’t say. This time next year you could be great and feeling wonderful, or you could be the same as you are today”. Well, thanks doc for the input.

His new approach is “wait and see”. Which in some respects I am ok with. This is basically what I have been doing for a month, and it is proving my point. The arm is permanently messed up. He also gave me a new prescription for Nabumentone. It is the generic of Relafen. Now it is in the same family as Ibuprofen, and I am allergic to that. We tried Naproxen but that gave me a rash. We will see if this drug does the same. It is a high possibility. But I need something other than just Tylenol for the pain.

Bad thing about this is that the side effect is drowsiness, or dizziness. Not sure if I will take any before I have to drive somewhere. I have only taken one (the dose was for 2/2 times a day), and I feel groggy, despite drinking coffee.

I am also going back to work light duty. I will be doing two days a week, five hours each. Taking it nice and easy, since the last time I tried to go back, I lasted 3 weeks.

Ok, I need to go study my medical terminology…if I can stay awake.

Be blessed.

My Apologies…

Not sure what is up with WordPress today, but my apologies to those reading past posts, and seeing it all in bold

I can only assume it has to do with the update/maintenance that they did last night on the system.