Wildlife Encounters…..Ohhh, Ahhhh

Last week, during the kid’s school vacation, our local rec center set up a very cool activity at the school. Wildlife Encounters Zoo came and had an array of icky things to see and touch.

Our first beauty was an albino python. Apparently when they have no color they are actually yellow and white, rather than all white. He did however, have red eyes.

He/She/It was 18 feet long, and very heavy. I have a picture of it being carried around by the handler so that the kids could touch it, but there are too many other kids in the photo that are not my wingnuts, for me to blur them out. So take my word for it, the handler was having a dickens of a time hanging on to it.

Next please meet Miss Tortoise

Sexy eyes, no? And contrary to popular belief…they cannot come out of their shells. They are attached. She is actually a baby, and will become at least 3 times this size when she is full grown.

Anyone hungry?

To demonstrate this little snapping turtle’s “snapping” abilities, the handler provided him with a piece of paper to munch on. See where her hand is at the bottom of his tummy? Whenever she tickled there, he let go of the paper.
Much to our surprise also, when she set him on the table and rubbed his back with her fingers (like you would do with a cat), he came up on his tippy toes (ok, flippers or whatever you want to call them), and arched his back somewhat, just like a cat would when you pet them. Very funny.

Can you hear “Can’t Touch This” in the background?

This is a type of monitor lizard. He makes screaching noises when upset, and will go on his hind legs to help defend himself when he feels threatened.

Mr. Attitude

This is also another type of monitor lizard, but he wasn’t up for being touched, so we were only allowed to take his picture. I don’t think he is liking the fact that the girl before me used a flash, do you?

Baby, you want a squeeze?

This is a baby boa. Because he kept tightening around the handler’s waist, she wasn’t able to walk around with him. So she stood in one place, and let the kids come to her.

If you live in NH, and get the chance to go to one of the Wildlife Encounters Zoo activities, do! It is so much fun, and the kids loved it! What kid doesn’t love touching icky stuff?

And on a side note….my middle wingnut Joey has been at it again with the building. Behold a bi-plane made of Erector pieces, with a motor to turn the propeller.

I love how this kid’s mind works!!

Be blessed!


Bloggin Goodness…

After running an unexpected errand an hour away from home this morning, and having one sick kid home…I worked on my mini home office (photos coming soon).

But being the ucky, rainy day that it is, I have to take more breaks, because the shoulder is just unbearable. During these breaks I have done what I always do……..surf my favorite blogs. So I am here to share some of my favorite finds today.

Tara Whitney has moved her blog to here, from Typepad. I have to say I absolutely love the new look and feel of her blog. I wish I could do the same thing to my header that she did to hers. Wow!

And specifically check out this post. She talks about her “One Project A Month” (OPAM), which I think I am going to do. My next to do is to put the livingroom into some sense of order now that I moved my office to the kitchen. Also, my older brother has finally gotten an apartment again, so I can get his stuff out of my tiny 2 bedroom. This used to be his apartment, and he didn’t take everything when he moved out, and expected me to hold onto it for him. Psssssssssstttttttttt…come get your d*mn stuff!!! LOL! Seriously though, I have 3 kids. I don’t have room for other people’s kitchen table sets, and water bubblers.

And over at Cathy Z’s blog, there is this fabulous post about “Not What I Was Planning”…go read it here, and watch the video…..love this idea, definitely feel inspired to make something artsy with this idea. She is also video blogging….dang I love watching her and Miss Donna when they video blog. Makes me realize I am not such a dork….they constantly say “So, yeah….” Hehe.

I love this layout by Miss A. I don’t own a square punch that would make those perfect little squares…but I do have a really good Fiskars Trimmer. So I think I might give this a go.

Ok, so yeah…..mauahaha I crack myself up. Anywhoo, go check out the goodies, get inspired, and have fun!

Be blessed

Genealogy SCORE!!!

Thanks to my step-cousin, Frank. I met Frank by way of Ancestry.com, and never knew there was a connection until he emailed me back. He had my grandfather, Gordon, in his family tree.

Frank’s mom was the second wife of my uncle, Robert. Small world! Well to my blessing, he is also a registered genealogist in the state of Connecticut. Not long ago, CT changed it’s laws concerning the ability to get birth certificates. It had to be 100 years from the day the person was born, unless you were a certified genealogist. I was not, so I thought I had to wait until 2013 to get access to my grandfather’s information. Until I met Frank that is!
Here is what he scanned and sent to me today. I will have the original in my hands shortly.

This provides me with so much new information. First, I suspected Arthur was a farmer before moving to Stamford and working for the Philip’s Chemical Co., but I wasn’t positive. Second, it gives me both middle names for Arthur and Clara, which I didn’t have before.
And the big shocker……..my grandfather wasn’t an only child as we thought!

Here is my theory, and if anyone can provide any information or insight, please contact me……In the 1920 census for Stamford, CT, Arthur and Gordon are listed as boarders. Arthur is still listed as being married. There is no mention of any other children, or Clara. There was a huge TB epidemic making it’s way through this area at the time, and many people ended up being sent to Laurel Heights TB Sanitarium in Shelton, CT. I believe this may be where Clara ended up….and where she eventually died, sometime between 1920 and 1930. In the 1930 census, it is still Arthur and Gordon living alone as boarders, but Arthur is now listed as widowed.

The other two children? I have no idea. They could have died as well from TB. Gordon was the youngest. They could have died before the family moved to Stamford from Simsbury, sometime after Gordon was born in 1913.

Love the challenge of the mystery!!!

Be blessed!

Finally…Injustice Undone…Hopefully

A great man stepped into the Fenway Park today. Bill Buckner. This man had an amazing career in baseball. Yet because of one thing that happened, he was hated by many for years.

Completely unfair in my opinion.

But today, hopefully what was given back will be enough. I don’t think the debt is fully repaid, and maybe we as Red Sox Nation never can fully repay him for what he has been through. But it was a nice start.

Thank you for being such a classy man Bill Buckner. Thank you for being willing to show up and walk that field, throw that first pitch, and wave to us in the Nation.

Be blessed!

Genealogy Highs and Lows

So I have been playing on Ancestry again, trying to find more information. My mother’s side of the family is pretty easy to research, as there is alot of information about both the Goyette’s and the Blanchard’s.

And part of my father’s side of the family is easy to research as well. The Borsey’s and the Ede’s left me a great paper trail to follow.

This dashing gentleman is Joseph D. Ede, my great great grandfather. He was from England, and came to the U. S. about 1866. According to oral history, he and his wife Olive were missionaries after they raised their children, and spent some time in China. One of my most valuable possessions is a small bible, given to my grandmother Jessie A. Ede on her graduation from Stamford High School in 1930. He wrote in it, which to me is an invaluable piece of my history.

And this distinguished gentleman is a huge part of why we are who we are as a family. His name is Arthur Nichols, and he is my great granfather on my dad’s side. He worked for the Philip’s Chemical Co. at the turn of the century. He was blinded by a boiler accident, and as I have mentioned before my grandfather went to work at the age of 11 to support him. This is where I hit my genealogy low. This side of the family is stuck at him. I cannot find his wife Clara, nor anything on Arthur before 1920. I do know he was born about 1862 in New Canaan, CT, but that is it. I believe Clara may have been ill (most likely with TB) between 1920 and 1930. Many in my family died from TB during that time period.

And these are the infamous Grandparents in question….Gordon Everett Nichols Sr. and Jessie Agnes (Ede) Nichols. My father’s parents. This was taken a few years into their marriage. They were married when he was 19 and she was 16.

And this would be them, on the left, along with my parents Patricia Marie (Blanchard) and Everett Gordon Nichols, on their wedding day in 1965. This was the year before I was born.

My father told me some more stories yesterday as we were going through photos that I had and photos that were sent to me by a step cousin that I found through Ancestry.

The one that stands out, and really shows how we have become who we are in some respects is this:

My father was not a model child. He hated school. It was obvious by the amount of times he got asked to leave for causing trouble. After they asked him to leave and never come back around the age of 16, he went to work with my grandfather. My grandfather was a mechanic. The first day he asked my dad if he knew how to do a brake job. My father’s response was no. My grandfather then handed him a book and told him to read….then they would do one.

My father thought once not in school, he would be done with learning. My grandfather knew better. Gordon Sr. had only a 5th-6th grade education, and learned everything he knew about being a mechanic because he never stopped learning. He apparently always told my father “Use your head not your hands”.

While my father didn’t appreciate the value of that when he was younger, it was something that he handed down to us as children. School and our education was very important to him. We were required to maintain a C average, and if we didn’t, there were consequences like groundings and such.

And in turn, education has become extremely important to me. That is part of the drive that made me homeschool my children for so many years. I myself, never stop learning. I am like a sponge, and when I am interested in something, I will find all the information I can on that subject.

So, if you listen, you will hear me applauding these amazing people that came before me. It is my way of thanking them for helping to make me who I am, by handing down their beliefs, their morals, and their convictions.

Be blessed!

Edit: If you believe you might be related to me, contact me! One can never know enough about their family! And if you would like to see the family tree thus far, just go to Ancestry and type in Gordon E Nichols. You will find me under the family tree section, with the member name scarty64807. It is an ongoing project, and I am in the process of adding the Borsey line, as well as Cotton.

Awesome file converter

So I am in the process of trying to set up OneNote to use in my medical transcription course. Most of the downloads from the school website are in pdf format, which is fabulous, except that they cannot be directly imported into OneNote.

I really do not want to spend more money to buy another software to do this job for me. I have spent enough this week on an external hard drive, as well as my MS Office Home and Student Edition. So I did what any self respecting net geek would do, and searched Google for a free file converter.

This is what I came up with, and I will sing its praises: Zamzar. From their website you upload your file to be converted. Choose which format you want it converted to, and tell it to convert. Within just a few minutes you receive an email telling you where to go to download the new conversion. It worked like a dream!! The file I converted was 72 pages, and it looks fabulous. Now it resides in my OneNote, where I can search it to my hearts content while studying.

Be blessed!

A New England Fan

So I am sure by now, unless you live on Mars, you know that my beloved Patriots lost the Super Bowl. It cause great stun in all the people of New England. I give kudos to the Giants for the game, but sadly they lost all respect from me by acting like conceited morons afterwards. They are being cocky, unsportsman like loosers. What a great example to set for the fans in the under 18 age group.

But nothing cheers up a true New England fan like the start of baseball season. Tonight I watched this on tv

I had never seen it before because I was too busy making myself sick, staying up to watch the actual 2004 season. But it was fun! Watching this movie helped me relive that MAGICAL year that we won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. It also helped get me out of my post Patriots slump.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in Fort Meyers, Florida next week. Finally, NESN will be showing the Red Sox Report again. And I will get to see him again

I affectionately call him Jay Jay. Is a grown woman allowed to oogle someone like this? I say YES!!! Come on ladies, look at that face. And those thighs make me drool. And now I know all you men who follow baseball think I am disgusting but you know what, I follow it for the game as well…its just that some of those hot players are icing on the cake.

Jason Varitek epitomizes what baseball should be. Did you know that he was in Little League? And that he played in the Little League World Series? And that he is one of the classiest players in baseball today?

As is Tim Wakefield, pitcher extraordinaire. Is he the best pitcher in baseball? Not even close, statistically speaking. But what he lacks in stats, he more than makes up for with his love of the purity of the game of baseball, as well as his charitable work off the field.

So, here is to Spring Training, My Boys of Summer, and Rem Dawg. Let the season begin!!!

EDIT: And just for the record, another reason to look forward to Spring Training is that it means winter is almost over. I HATE WINTER!!! There, I feel much better. Who the hell ordered 3 storms in one week?? Some one better fess up, because I want to chat with them. Kidding…sorta’