Saturday, I turned 42. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon/evening with my friend Yvette, and her 3 children, as well as my own 3. There was a lot of laughing, being silly, and having fun. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the time together.

I got this creative cake

That took so much time, to bake those cupcakes and then to spell out “Happy Birthday”. They are such good people.

I love this picture of Yvette! So playful, so her. I wish she could see herself and everyone else does.

She gives of herself, and never asks for anything in return. Sweet and sassy beyond belief.

And this woman, at 42….what is she? Who is she? What has she learned?

What is she:
-Someone who loves cautiously….sad but true. Being burned tends to make you shy away from the flame. She is finding it hard to open up to someone who seems to truly want to make her happy. Time will tell if she can let down the wall.
-A mother….with every part of her being.
-A friend….never asking anything in return. She loves to give.
-A daughter….not always the best, but she tries hard.

Who is she:
-A creative muse….someone who never sees things as black and white.
-An old soul
-A smarter person than she was at 41, but still having much to learn.

What has she learned:
-She is a good person. Not a doubt about it in the world.
-She is the only one responsible for her happiness. No one else can “make” her happy. They can add to that happiness, but not “be” it.
-That life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. As a matter of fact, it almost never does. And that is ok.
-That is it ok to love, and lose.

Be blessed.


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