Or as we affectionately call her…Mika

Now I have had cats with attitude before, but none like her. She truly believes she is superior to we pitiful humans that share her space.

Is it because she was born a barn cat, so she believes she is of the wild?

Is it because she has a “tough broad” attitude that she learned from her mother?

I think she truly believes she is doing me a great favor by climbing up in my lap while I drink my morning coffee and play on my laptop.

Stray hairs in my computer……I should feel honored she left part of herself behind.

Allowing me to run my hand down her back…..I should feel honored she let me touch her.

Claws in my thigh…..I should feel honored that she left her mark.

She is only gracing me with her presence because the kids are gone for the weekend.

I feel so used.


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