Randomness of the Wingnuts

I haven’t posted much about the wingnuts lately, so I thought I would share some Randomness of the Wingnuts.

Wingnut #1: My youngest wingnut had a “Curriculum Fair” the other day at school. It was a chance for the kids to showcase their work…here we exhibit our earth…

And here we have the inside….

Some random facts about Wingnut #1:
-He is obsessed with Jurassic Park at the moment … it stems from his facination with all things dinosaur.
-He is the instigator in our family. He is the source of all hijinks in our home.
-He can stand in front of a rack full of animal pelts at a Pow Wow, and tell you what each one is, without looking at the tags.
-He eats toast almost every single morning for breakfast.

Wingnut #2: He is trying to get out of having his picture taken…where is that sweet boy who used to ham for the camera?

Can’t you hear him? “Mommmmmmm!!!! Put the camera away!”

And this is the face I get when I tell him that unless he lets me take his picture, I will hold all one million Lego pieces hostage…until he gives in…

I’m such a mean, mean mom! Muahahahaha!
Some random facts about Wingnut #2:
-He is only 3″ shorter than me….he will be taller than me by the end of the summer.
-He is obsessed with Legos, boats, planes, and has to know how everything works.
-He is anal about details. It doesn’t matter if it is something simple like which way to throw the ball, or something major, like global warming. Wingnut #2 will take his sweet time deciding what to do.

And finally, Gorgeous, Stunning, Beautiful, Captivating Wingnut #3:

Am I right? Or am I right???
These photos were taken last Saturday, before my daughter went to her Sophmore Semi-Formal….stag. I wish I had her guts when I was her age. She is so confident in herself….most of the time.
Random facts about Wingnut #3:
-She is obsessed with writing….and wouldn’t you know it, she is really good at it.
-She loves Japanese anime, and all things involving the Japanese culture.
-She is headstrong one minute, and vulnerable the next.

Here’s a bravo to my wingnuts. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, without their wonderful, amazing influence in my life.

Be blessed! I am!!


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