Whose life is this??

So I had another appointment with my Ortho Doc today…the wonderful Dr. MP. If you don’t know about my shoulder, you can read a bit about it here. In a nutshell, I crushed the end of my collar bone while taking care of a client (I worked as a nursing assistant). That was on 10/22/07. Nearly 7 months ago. I have done PT, Ionto treatments, surgery, more PT, and am worse than before.

I have uncontrollable tremors most days. I had talked to one of the nurses a month ago at work, and she suggested a neurologist. I brought this up today, and Dr. MP agreed. Some day in the near future I will get to be stuck with bunches of needles to find out what is wrong…hopefully.

Now Dr. MP is a good guy, but I seriously think he doesn’t know why I am not healing or getting better. And that is ok, but GEEZ, admit it. Today I asked if I should renew my LNA license…his answer “I don’t know. I can’t say. This time next year you could be great and feeling wonderful, or you could be the same as you are today”. Well, thanks doc for the input.

His new approach is “wait and see”. Which in some respects I am ok with. This is basically what I have been doing for a month, and it is proving my point. The arm is permanently messed up. He also gave me a new prescription for Nabumentone. It is the generic of Relafen. Now it is in the same family as Ibuprofen, and I am allergic to that. We tried Naproxen but that gave me a rash. We will see if this drug does the same. It is a high possibility. But I need something other than just Tylenol for the pain.

Bad thing about this is that the side effect is drowsiness, or dizziness. Not sure if I will take any before I have to drive somewhere. I have only taken one (the dose was for 2/2 times a day), and I feel groggy, despite drinking coffee.

I am also going back to work light duty. I will be doing two days a week, five hours each. Taking it nice and easy, since the last time I tried to go back, I lasted 3 weeks.

Ok, I need to go study my medical terminology…if I can stay awake.

Be blessed.


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