Shoulder Update….

I realized that after looking through my previous posts, that I hadn’t mentioned my shoulder in awhile, so I thought an update was due.

Now, I get compliments all the time on my upbeat outlook on life. It is not something I have to work at usually. It is just part of who I have always been. I always look at the brighter side of all situations. Or try to.

My shoulder issue has been no different. For those of you new to my blog, back in October I injured myself working as a Licensed nursing assistant. At first the doctor thought it was a torn bicep tendon. Due to the way Workman’s compensation works, you have to jump through many hoops. Needless to say, I did 3 months of “guesstimating”. Guesstimating is when they don’t do x-rays, MRI’s or anything else to find out the true problem, but have you do physical therapy, Ionto treatments, and other such “guessing” strategies in the hopes that you will get better sooner.

Three months after my initial injury, I had surgery. It was found to be worse than initially thought. I had crushed the end of my collar bone into my shoulder. So my doctor shaved about an inch off the bone, and cleaned up some arthritis in the area. The outlook was good, or so he told me. He didn’t see any other damage.

Now 7 months after the initial injury I am still far from even being able to do some of the simplest tasks each day. Most days it doesn’t bother me, but lately, it seems to be getting to me. It is frustrating to say the least to not be able to hold a pen and sign my name. I have tremors, or as I call them …. “shaky days”. I look like I have Parkinson’s disease. And by the time the arm is done, usually several hours later, it is so tired I couldn’t use it if I wanted to.

But, I am a strong person. This little bump in the road of my life will pass, and as is usually the case, I will be a better person for it.

Rather ironic if you think about it, that in my job I took care of people who needed help, and now I am faced with the same situation. I hate asking for help. But sometimes in life it is necessary.

Be blessed! I truly am!!


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