Staples of life….

We all have them…those little things that make our day more pleasant. Those things that we would rather not live without.

My laptop is one of them. I am going bonkers, having to be tied down to a desk to work on the PC while my laptop is in the shop. I tend to listen to news or other shows on the tube while working on the laptop. I cannot do that while on the PC….well I can “listen”, but I can’t occassionally watch unless I get up. Funny, the routines we get into.

Some other lovely staples of our lives:


And in the mornings, my male wingnuts must have these:

Actually, my middle wingnut prefers the Rice Crispy version, but since Momma has 2 open boxes of this, it will do…as long as it is chocolate. Ahhh, a boy after my own heart!

And technically my youngest wingnut has to have his toast cut in 4 strips, but I swiped this pic off the net, because I really wasn’t in to taking a pic of toast this morning. And for him, it cannot be too dark or he won’t eat it. And not a ton of butter.

Gee…… think I raised picky kids? Nah, just like me, they know what they like.

Ok, my “to do” is slightly longish today, so I had better get going for the day…Just a snippet of what I have to do, because we really know that you are dying to know (lol):

1. Do dishes (uckkk, the evil empire is conspiring against me)
2. Do laundry (double uckkk when you have to go to the laundromat)
3. Call Miss S – I am taking over the Achievements Chair for our Cub Scout pack and the dvd disk she gave me doesn’t work…need to find out why.
4. Must tackle and entire chapter of Medical Terminology
5. Go for a walk…don’t forget camera…this little town has some cool things to photograph
6. Call to see if laptop might be fixed yet (crossing fingers on this one)

And that is just what I can think of at the moment….there will be more for sure. Oh I just remembered….Darling daughter wingnut has a concert tonight at her high school for chorus….grrrrrrrrrrr so much for a quiet night at home.

Be blessed!


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