Wildlife Encounters…..Ohhh, Ahhhh

Last week, during the kid’s school vacation, our local rec center set up a very cool activity at the school. Wildlife Encounters Zoo came and had an array of icky things to see and touch.

Our first beauty was an albino python. Apparently when they have no color they are actually yellow and white, rather than all white. He did however, have red eyes.

He/She/It was 18 feet long, and very heavy. I have a picture of it being carried around by the handler so that the kids could touch it, but there are too many other kids in the photo that are not my wingnuts, for me to blur them out. So take my word for it, the handler was having a dickens of a time hanging on to it.

Next please meet Miss Tortoise

Sexy eyes, no? And contrary to popular belief…they cannot come out of their shells. They are attached. She is actually a baby, and will become at least 3 times this size when she is full grown.

Anyone hungry?

To demonstrate this little snapping turtle’s “snapping” abilities, the handler provided him with a piece of paper to munch on. See where her hand is at the bottom of his tummy? Whenever she tickled there, he let go of the paper.
Much to our surprise also, when she set him on the table and rubbed his back with her fingers (like you would do with a cat), he came up on his tippy toes (ok, flippers or whatever you want to call them), and arched his back somewhat, just like a cat would when you pet them. Very funny.

Can you hear “Can’t Touch This” in the background?

This is a type of monitor lizard. He makes screaching noises when upset, and will go on his hind legs to help defend himself when he feels threatened.

Mr. Attitude

This is also another type of monitor lizard, but he wasn’t up for being touched, so we were only allowed to take his picture. I don’t think he is liking the fact that the girl before me used a flash, do you?

Baby, you want a squeeze?

This is a baby boa. Because he kept tightening around the handler’s waist, she wasn’t able to walk around with him. So she stood in one place, and let the kids come to her.

If you live in NH, and get the chance to go to one of the Wildlife Encounters Zoo activities, do! It is so much fun, and the kids loved it! What kid doesn’t love touching icky stuff?

And on a side note….my middle wingnut Joey has been at it again with the building. Behold a bi-plane made of Erector pieces, with a motor to turn the propeller.

I love how this kid’s mind works!!

Be blessed!


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