Geeks unite!

Anyone with a son with any interest in building is going to have one thing in their house….millions of Legos. Now, I foster my 12 yr old wingnuts passion for building, and have since he started at the age of 4. But there comes a time when the Legos must be contained.

Joey can be fairly anal about his Legos. He has them in a large rubbermaid tote under the small desk in his room. But when he is working on something specific, which is all the time, he pulls out what he thinks he might need, and keeps them in a smaller bucket for easy access. This works. Unfortunately, it can take him hours to find those pieces he needs. So, I have decided to come up with a solution so that he can sort pieces by type, or whatever he wants.

I have been searching the net for “Lego storage”, and found several great suggestions:

Jeri has 16 great suggestions here. Sadly, most seem to be for smaller collections, and when you range near a million, these just won’t do.

This looks like it will be a good solution. Unfortunately, his labels for printing aren’t working, but I might be able to recreate that in Word.

And this, directly from the Lego company, but sadly it isn’t available in the U.S…what’s up with that?

This will be my son in 10 years or so….

Or this…..

Ok, give me your input Lego maniacs…show me your pictures for how you store your Legos….give me more to think about than what I have already included here, because we know I have nothing better to do with my time.

Be blessed!


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