Bad, bad, bad…..

Ok, for those who read my blog (yes I have a few fans lol), you know that I am currently out of work due to a shoulder injury, as well as going back to school for medical transcription.

But what you don’t know is that I am not the best housekeeper, and apparently my attitude about my shoulder has carried over into the rest of my life. I have been cranky, lazy, unmotivated, and frustrated.

My house literally looks like a bomb went off. I am behind on my schoolwork. I am overweight…gaining nearly 30lbs over the winter since my injury.

So what better way to get my fanny in gear than to post my goals for all to see, and make me more accountable? I figure if I don’t do what I am supposed to, you guys will give me “what for”, and ask why I haven’t. LOL nothing like pressure right?

I know I am not going to get much schoolwork done next week, as all the kids are on vacation, and I will have my nephew staying with me for the week. I will set a schedule to at least get some done at night after the kiddos have settled down, but really my major goal is to clean and organize the house.

I am going to work on moving my stuff that I have stashed in the boys room, to the livingroom, and sort through much of their toys, so that they have room to breathe in their tiny bedroom. I won’t get the livingroom done until I get their room done, but rather do neat storage of my own items until I can sort through it. Their room REALLLLLY needs to be gone through.

When we moved from the 3 bedroom apartment to the 2 bedroom, I asked them to throw out all trash, and broken toys so I wasn’t bringing them to the new place. But that didn’t happen. So now Mom is going to take charge, and be unmerciful about what stays and what goes. Tom has toys from when he was a toddler, that at 10 I really don’t think he needs. LOL. And Legos…they must be contained!!! I have to come up with a system for Joe to keep them all in one place, or I am going to go insane.

Ok, off to get the boys to school and start this massive cleaning. Wish me luck…and if you don’t hear from me in a few days, send in the search dogs…I just might have gotten buried alive!

Be blessed!


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