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I must be doing something right….

I have had three recent incidents that confirm in my heart, that I just might….MIGHT….be a good mom.

The first…My daughter who is 15 has been nominated to the Upward Bound program at our local University. If she is accepted (we will know in 3 weeks), she will spend 6 weeks at the University, taking classes and learning what it takes to become a future college student. Yeah Sam!!

Second….A few weeks ago my middle one, 12 yrs old, found a gift card in the driveway. It was worth $100 to JC Penney’s. I could tell by the writing inside that it probably belonged to the neighbor upstairs. I was right, and his face beamed when she thanked him for not keeping it for himself. Yeah Joey!!

Third…this just happened a few minutes ago. My youngest, 10 years old, just came running in from the yard, asking for a trash bag. When I asked him what for, he responded “There is a rabbit in our yard near the trail the kids take to get to school, and there is a ton of trash. I want to clean it up for the rabbit.” Yeah Tommy!!

I have such cool wingnuts! But then again I just might be predjudice…..nahhhhhh that couldn’t be it.

Be blessed.

Ps-got the new couch today! Yeah me!!


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