NH Homeschooler’s under fire….AGAIN

While I may not be homeschooling anymore, the matter is still very dear to my heart. Someday I might be going back to it (my youngest is requesting it).

The New Hamphire Senate recently voted yet again on a bill about the curriculum notification requirement for homeschooling parents.

According to the “Rochester Times” article this week, the supporters of this bill claim “they are worried that a minority of parents might be using the homeschooling law to avoid compulsory education laws.”

I would love to see the numbers on those who actually do this. While I admit there are bad apples in every bunch, why punish the majority for what a minority do?

It seems to me that the majority of the members of the NH State Senate just can’t handle the fact that there are good parents out there, who want a quality education for their children, and are tired of the continuing battle over education in this state.

To his credit, Joseph Kenney of Wakefield, has yet again voted against placing more laws upon the heads of homeschoolers.

Why is it that the state government can’t get it through it’s head that we do not need to be babysat? I have yet to run into one homeschooler in my nearly 10 years of being involved in it, that has not lost sleep over making sure they are doing the best by their children. Hours spent pouring over curriculum choices, deciding between extracurricular activities and additional courses, facing unnecessary discrimination by uniformed people, and usually giving up an additional second income to do what is best for their children.

New Hampshire law makers need to stop sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. The state has consistently become more and more liberal since I moved here in 1973, due to the influx of people from MA and NY. Guess what, you moved here because you loved our state. Stop trying to make it like MA and NY. Our state motto is “Live Free or Die” for a reason. Stop trying to make our government our babysitters. We are capable adults, able to take care of our own families.


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