LOL not if it is Medical Transcription School!!! I am brain dead….I am taking in so much information that I think my brain cells are on protest. I read one thing, and I have completely forgotten it 5 minutes later. I know it will all “click” later on as I put it to actual use, but right now the sponge feels like it is over full.

On other news…..the shoulder has had a set back. I am out of work again. For those who didn’t know, I was on light duty at the office, and doing physical therapy twice a week. Well, last Friday Dr. MP pulled me out of both. I am at the same pain level I was right after surgery, which is not a good thing 2 months after the fact. I am just finishing up a high dose prednisone treatment, which has done nothing to help (unless you count those glorious cold sores it gave me…can we say YUCK!?).

So, when I go to visit the ever personable Dr. MP next Wednesday, I will be getting a cortisone injection. Not fun. I had one of those in my wrist/thumb once. It didn’t work then, but I am hopeful. The key is to not refuse to try any treatment. For one, I have to keep all my options open (despite my ever increasing realization that this might be the best the shoulder gets). And two, I do not want to be labeled “non-compliant”. Non-compliant is when you fight what they want you to try. So, despite the pain that the physical terrorist put me through, I did whatever she asked of me. Which sort of is what got me back to this point. Dr. MP thinks she may have been trying to be too agressive, too quickly. Ahhh, lucky me.

It is rather ironic, that I work in the medical field, yet at almost 42, might have to be dealing with a permanent disability myself. I guess you don’t really know how someone feels until you are in their shoes. I am in no way giving up…I am still fighting. But I also think there has to be some level of acceptance. I cannot lift most things with my right arm, either due to pain, or the fact that I will drop it. We are not talking heavy items either. I could pick up a teaspoon, and have it on the floor in 3 seconds flat.

And the shaking…oh man, what a new experience that is. Shaking at random times, as if I had Parkinson’s. I thought most of the time it was due to overworking the arm. And many times it is….right after the exercises, or trying to do too much. But it is also coming at random moments, without notice. I could be sitting perfectly still, doing absolutely nothing with the arm, and it will begin to shake.

But I take heart to know that in the grand scheme of things, it is minor. I can adapt. Many people have worse situations than I do. I have been blessed to have the life I do, messed up arm and all. And thank you to all my online MT friends, and others, who support me and keep me going on a daily basis. You are invaluable to my spirit!

For those of you who might know someone who has a disability, or if you yourself do, here is an option that might be of interest to you. I found this through my school’s forums, and think it is a worthy investment, I am going to buy it when I have a few dollars to spare. Even if you are not disabled…what would you do as an MT if you broke a hand? This would allow you to still work.

Be blessed! I am!!!
(many prayers to Miss Smurf, we love you gf!!!)


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