Happy SPRING!!

I just couldn’t resist these flowers…they seem so chipper! So spring is two days away. Is New England close to letting her in the door? I think so, but you wouldn’t know it by the weather being predicted tonight and tomorrow. Another wintery mix…snow, sleet, freezing rain, and then finally rain. I hope it doesn’t get too nasty, but I am fully expecting the kids will at least have a delay for school tomorrow. As it is, with all the snow days they have had off, they will be going to school until the end of June this year.

But, the days are getting longer, and we are having more days with 40+ degree temperatures. That is progress. Small but noticeable progress. Another noticeable progression is the melting of those mountainous snowbanks. In some places you can finally, for the first time this winter, see what is coming before pulling out into the road. Yeah!!!

My physical therapy is going at a snails pace. I am reassured at every appointment that I am making progress. I can move my arm fairly well (range of motion), but the pain is not diminishing, and the strength is not coming back. I go back to the doc on Friday for my recheck…2 month milestone.

While it is frustrating, I have started accepting that the arm is nearly as good as it will be. I have to remember that I have to take breaks often when doing anything. My arm gets tired/painful easily. But I have been researching different ways of doing things…including typing. There is a website that teaches how to type one handed . I may look into this as an option when my arm is too painful or tired. That in combination with word expanders, will allow me to continue to pursue my medical transcription career.

Speaking of…I think I suffer from short term memory loss as well!! LOL!! I read my textbooks, and within minutes the information is POOF!! It is a hard course, but I am determined!! I want to be able to do this full time by next year.

Ok, off to PT and work today. Hope you all are as excited about the impending SPRING as I am!!

Be blessed! I know I am!


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