Cool decorating ideas…

So, I am in a nesting mood. I haven’t gotten a lot done due to my shoulder, but my brain is working overtime! I picked up a new special publication at the grocery store today from Better Homes and Gardens, called “100 Decorating Ideas Under $100”.

I wish I could find the ideas on their website to show you, but I haven’t been able to yet. So I will tell you about them…next best thing right?

Wallpaper Window Shade:
For this you simply buy an inexpensive roll of wallpaper, and an inexpensive roller shade at your local discount store (Walmart, etc.). Remove the shade from it’s roller. You then attach the wallpaper to the roller, stapling and taping to secure it. Make it as long or short as you need it for your particular window. Once you have the right length, add an inch to the bottom measurement so that you can fold up the bottom for a “hem”. Add a button and a tassle for a decoration and to help pull the shade up and down. Soooo kewl!

Plate rack in office:
They took a simple plate rack with a small shelf underneath and hung it in an office for storing file folders and small containers for things like paper clips.

Just some food for thought. I have all mismatched pieces in my house, and would so love to bring some cohesiveness to it. Maybe I will try refinishing some of the wooden pieces this spring when the weather is better.

Be blessed!


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