Snow, snow…go away

Don’t come back another day! (excuse my singing voice)

Here are the pictures I promised you yesterday. Now we have well over 130″ that have fallen since the beginning of the season, and as you can see, not much melting has occurred.

That would be my car, which looks like a little matchbox sitting there lol.

This is getting harder and harder to clean out. If you don’t clean it out, you get no mail.

And this is becoming the norm…precariously sticking the nose of your car out an inch at a time to see if you can pull out of a driveway. There is a corner up there, so you cannot see what is coming. Not fun.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of the North Pole in New Hampshire….we will have another foot midweek to add to this, which I am sure will put us over the top on all records set in the state. Yeah for us (insert massive sarcasm).

Be blessed!


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