More OneNote and stuff…

A note to follow up on my OneNote post from the other day……
There is another way to import information from a pdf formatted document into OneNote, without converting it first. You simply hit “PRINT”, and when the window for the printing options comes up, use the drop down menu where your printer is listed, to choose “Print to OneNote”. This will place all the information into an “unfiled” page in OneNote, where you can then move it to whatever section you choose within your notebook.

I am officially back to work, one month after my surgery. I will be doing light duty in the office. I still cannot lift more than a pound, or do anything major with my arm (ie: can only have limited movement and lift not much more than a piece of paper lol), but it is still getting me back to work. I am actually hoping that this turns into a permanent position in the office, as being an LNA for this company can be and up and down experience. Depending on how many clients we have at the time, our hours can vary from day to day, even hour to hour. It definitely isn’t something that can be relied upon heavily for a steady income.

Which is why I have signed up to take the medical transcription course. I am using MTEC, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking. I am only in my first session, but am very impressed so far. The support through available instructors, the online forums, and the school’s website are all fabulous! The amount of resources they provide you with to learn the profession are staggering, and always professional.

Snow….I suppose I am sort of numb to it now, but still it shocks me when I hear the weather report. We are to get another 6-12 inches tomorrow. We have been averaging 2-3 storms each week this winter, with no less than 8 inches each time. We are about to surpass the snowiest winter on record (1995-1996). I hate the muddy season of spring, but really, at least mud doesn’t pile up so high you cannot see to pull out of anywhere without risking getting the front end of your car wiped out. And of course, this storm hits on a night when I have something that has to be done…don’t they all? My middle child…Joey, is crossing over to Boy Scouts tomorrow night. This involves a good size banquet, with a pot luck supper, and a big ceremony. Yeah Joey!! And Tommy (my youngest) is officially a Weeblow.

Ok, off to get ready to head to my pt appointment, and then to work! Ahhhh, that sounds soooo good!!!

Be Blessed!!


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