Scout Wingnuts

So a few weeks ago, we participated in our pack’s Pinewood Derby Race. Because of my shoulder, a huge bravo to my baby bro for helping the boys in making their cars.

Here are the wingnuts in question

From left to right: Youngest Wingnut (Tommy), Middle Wingnut (Joey), and Nephew Wingnut (Tyler). Joey as usual is doing one of his presidential poses. That kid cracks me up!

And here are some of the cars

The Scouts did an amazing job!! From the youngest to the oldest…they all put a lot of hard work into these. Cars 20, 21, and 22 are ours.

And the track

Scary, ain’t it? The races were tight…the three wingnuts in question came in first place over and over again, for at least 5 heats each.

But, then there was a tie or two that had to be broken. So a few extra heats had to be run.

The results:

Youngest Wingnut took 3rd place for his age group. He tends to be a bit shy, thus the blurry photo…he was trying to get away from our Pack Leader, Kirk, so he didn’t have to do the handshake. Can’t say as I blame him…Kirk is a bit “over the top” in enthusiasm.

And Middle Wingnut took 2nd place for the whole pack.

Nephew Wingnut took third for his den. Sorry, didn’t get a photo of that hehe.

Not too shabby for my wingnuts, since it was their first year doing this. All in all it was fun! As all pack meetings are, it was a bit chaotic.

Ok, off to watch baby bro do his second week of his new DJ gig. So proud of him for taking the plunge. And…GASP…he is darn good! So if you live in this neck of the woods and need a DJ for an upcoming event…I’ll hook you up. I got connections. I got people.

Be blessed!


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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait until my son is old enough for Scouts. My husband was an Eagle Scout with lots of Pine Wood Derby experience. Should be a blast!

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