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New England chick looking to relocate

Well, probably not, but I am seriously thinking that tornadoes or hurricanes down south wouldn’t be so bad. Ok, ok, stop yelling at me. I know they are much more dangerous, but I just can’t see the budding leaves for the piles of snow.

I would post pictures, but frankly, I can’t stand to look at the stuff anymore, and will not subject you to that kind of torture. Yet another foot of snow today…Storm #5 in a week and a half. But this one had a bit of kick to it….ice and then pouring rain afterwards. What does a plowed driveway and rain equal in winter…ice. Thick, slick, stinking ice.

Now I am not one to complain…but ya know, this is getting old real fast! I want that darn groundhog to come back out and tell me that he was just kidding…that we are going to have 70 degree temps tomorrow. I can see him from here, peaking out of his hole, laughing at us humans.

So, for a second week, scouts are cancelled. School was cancelled (boy they might not get a summer vacation!), and I am on my second outfit for the day. I got soaked the first time digging the car out so the driveway could be plowed. The second time was just a few minutes ago…sanding the icy driveway. My arm is dead, it doesn’t want to work anymore. Typing this is requiring a great deal of use of the backspace key. Time to go ice the shoulder and take a break…ewwww ice…makes me cold just thinking about it!

Be blessed…and stay warm!


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