A New England Fan

So I am sure by now, unless you live on Mars, you know that my beloved Patriots lost the Super Bowl. It cause great stun in all the people of New England. I give kudos to the Giants for the game, but sadly they lost all respect from me by acting like conceited morons afterwards. They are being cocky, unsportsman like loosers. What a great example to set for the fans in the under 18 age group.

But nothing cheers up a true New England fan like the start of baseball season. Tonight I watched this on tv

I had never seen it before because I was too busy making myself sick, staying up to watch the actual 2004 season. But it was fun! Watching this movie helped me relive that MAGICAL year that we won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. It also helped get me out of my post Patriots slump.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in Fort Meyers, Florida next week. Finally, NESN will be showing the Red Sox Report again. And I will get to see him again

I affectionately call him Jay Jay. Is a grown woman allowed to oogle someone like this? I say YES!!! Come on ladies, look at that face. And those thighs make me drool. And now I know all you men who follow baseball think I am disgusting but you know what, I follow it for the game as well…its just that some of those hot players are icing on the cake.

Jason Varitek epitomizes what baseball should be. Did you know that he was in Little League? And that he played in the Little League World Series? And that he is one of the classiest players in baseball today?

As is Tim Wakefield, pitcher extraordinaire. Is he the best pitcher in baseball? Not even close, statistically speaking. But what he lacks in stats, he more than makes up for with his love of the purity of the game of baseball, as well as his charitable work off the field.

So, here is to Spring Training, My Boys of Summer, and Rem Dawg. Let the season begin!!!

EDIT: And just for the record, another reason to look forward to Spring Training is that it means winter is almost over. I HATE WINTER!!! There, I feel much better. Who the hell ordered 3 storms in one week?? Some one better fess up, because I want to chat with them. Kidding…sorta’


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  1. I was already to congratulate the Giants until I heard Michael Strahan was making fun of the Patriots at some charity event. I guess some rich guy who is a Pats fan was at the charity even and he went up to this guy and whispered in his ear 18 and 1.
    How is that funny? It isn’t.

    NY fans and players are bad losers but are even worse winners.


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