This is how I feel lately. I am making steps toward getting my life the way I want it, but let’s face it, sometimes it can be slow going.

I will be receiving my MTech study materials in the next few days. I am extremely excited about that. MTech is one of the best Medical Transcription schools in the country. I am going to be completing their course in order to take the next steps in my life.

So many plans to keep track of, as well as the daily things. I seem to be my own worst enemy lately. My shoulder is not completely healed, which is frustrating. I try to keep a positive attitude, but when you can’t do much with one entire arm, it is hard. This has been going on since October. To say I am tired of it is an understatement.

Men are another thing that causes me to go “HUH???” L is an amazing man. He is sweet and considerate, underneath that hard exterior. He has been so burned by other people though, that I am not sure he will let me in. I think there could be a very good relationship there, if he would only realize it.

Ok, off to fold 6 loads of laundry one handed…that should take about 4 hours.

Be blessed, I am (even if I don’t sound it today)!


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