Stop growing up!

Yesterday, I got my butt chewed out by my 12 year old son. Not really, but I did get a stern lecture. The wingnut in question is this one:

He is my middle child. He is also the one who had all sorts of learning disabilties as a young lad due to the idiocy of the medical community. That is another story for another day though.

So here is this prepubescent person, lecturing me that it just is not cool to have your mother walk you home from school. Despite the fact that it is winter, it gets dark early, and all the other kids left school an hour earlier.

Why do they grow up? I know, many of you who know me personally hear me sing the praises of the day when I am childless (or as close as I can be when they are grown and out of my house). Yet here I sit, wondering what I ever did to deserve such a horrible punishment.

To be cast aside by my “little man”…my first son, my middle child…the nerve of this child. I spent my own time incubating him, for an excessive amount of time I might add…he was 3 weeks overdue.

So in an effort to compromise, I agreed that as long as it is not storming, or below 30 degrees next Wednesday, I will allow him to walk home alone. But he never said I couldn’t wait at the end of the driveway for him. Neener Neener.

Be Blessed!


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