Accused of being a Cool Mom!

The shock and horror of it all! I did not ever set out to be a “Cool Mom”. No fair! I am strict, I have rules for my kids!

Strict parents are not supposed to be cool, so how did this happen?

The previous meltdown was brought to you in honor of Miss Lizzie, my daughter’s best friend. She is moving to NY state, and today is her last day at school.

Miss Lizzie is the perfect reason why you never judge a book by it’s cover. To look at Miss Lizzie, all sorts of parental red flags go flying up six miles into the air. She dresses goth (lots of black, chains etc). She wears really weird combinations of makeup (to include several different trials with outrageous colors such as pink, in her hair).

But Miss Lizzie is anything but trouble. She is a smart little cookie….taking all Honors classes at the high school, and getting all A’s. She has a heart of gold.

But Miss Lizzie needs a stable home environment, thus the move to live with her Dad. She is messed up a bit in the emotional department thanks to some unreliable and immature adults in her life.

But she will turn out just fine…because she is tough.

We will miss you Miss Lizzie!

Hugs, from the cool mom. (It must be so…Miss Lizzie says I am)…so don’t you even dare say I am not. Or I will have to ground you and send you to your room.

Be Blessed!


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