We all have them. Those things we know we shouldn’t be doing, but we do it anyway.

Waist lines be damned. Brain cells…phohey, who needs ’em.

Well I am here to confess my sins. Actually, I have some great shots on the camera, but can’t find the cord to upload them to the computer, so I had to give you something to gossip about.

So, here it is, baring my ugly soul for all to see:

First … coffee. Not just the normal few cups in the morning. No that just wouldn’t do for someone like me. I get obsessed with things. Not all things. I am not OCD or anything. But certain things stick, and never go away. I drink on average, 4 pots of coffee a day. Yes, you read that right.

Go back and check if you don’t believe me.

See….told ya’ so!

And not just any coffee. It has to be Maxwell House Master Blend Smooth. Oh I will substitute if it is necessary for my conciousness. But, when push comes to shove, MHMBS is it. Funny thing is, I never ever drank coffee before I was like 35. I hated the taste of it. Blechhhh!!

But my then sis-in-law got me to try Irving’s French Vanilla Cappuccino. I was hooked. But see, then this little problem developed. I drank Coca Cola for caffeine fixes. But I started replacing my Coke for the French Vanilla yumminess, and I was tired all the time. So I took the plunge one day and bought myself a coffe maker, and some Maxwell House.

Why Maxwell House…well my parents always drank it, and darnnit, if it was good enough for them, then it was good enough for me. And let’s admit it right here and now…even as adults, we ultimately do what the “parents” do. We fight it throughout our teenage years. We swear up and down in our twenties that we won’t become them. But then something happens in the thirties, and boom…we are them.

Second….Marlboro Ultra Light Cigarettes.


Now before I get protestors on my blog screaming about cancer sticks, I do not condone smoking, hope all my children continue to hate it with a passion and never start, and I hope none of yours do either.

With that said, I was like most typical people, and started to impress my friends and become part of the crowd. I didn’t start until I was 19 (that was a magic year, of which I might share more detail when I am ready for more soul baring). I remember working at the local ice cream stand, and all my friends smoked. I was a dork who didn’t fit in. I desperately wanted to fit in. And thus the downfall of my healthy, clean lungs began. Ok, so the lungs weren’t entirely healthy back then…I was born with chronic bronchitis. But they were fairly clean.

I have tried to quit several times, the most recent a few months ago. I seriously know I need to. I feel the effects everyday when I walk for any length of time. And I know I will. Soon too. So be patient with a girl.

Third….Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But not those big ones that come two to a pack. Nope. In my infinite need to be “you-nique” I will only eat the mini one’s. The ones that come like 50 to a bag. I think it is the fact that I can take just a handful, which amounts to about 5 or 6, and not feel immense guilt about it.

Because as we all well know…41 year old women who have had 3 kids do not need to add any real estate to the hip or buttocks area.

Fourth…and this one is not pretty….

I bite my fingernails. I have since I can remember having teeth. It is a sad state of affairs, but I just cannot bring myself to quit. As someone who works in the medical field, you do not need to regale me with all the things that can be found on the human hand. I know..all too well. Which is why I am anal about hand washing.

Ok, enough soul barring for one night. I hope you can forgive me for being human. It is a tough thing to admit…I so thought I was damn near perfect. But nope, missed the mark by a mile. Oh well, maybe in my next life I can be Mother Theresa.

Be blessed!


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