Snow Storms

So, as I told you the other day, we had a Nor’easter here in my little neck of NH. Well, thanks to having found the cord to my camera, and the ability to get a signal on my cell phone at my mom’s, I have pictures! Aren’t you excited? I know there have to be a few of you that have never seen a Nor’easter in your life…so hold on tight……….

This is driving up the “back way” home. I was on the highway (freeway to you West Coasters), but unfortunately, it was white out conditions, and when there is nothing to use as a reference point to tell you if you are still on the road, highways are not the safest places to drive in these conditions.

We ended up with a foot. Yes, that is 12 inches. Lucky for me, my neighbor in my apartment building plows the driveway (Thanks Ray!), so all I have to do is shovel the steps. But this is the view the next morning, as I went out to start the car..

Looks so pretty and peaceful doesn’t it?

At least now you can see the road lol.

It is always so quiet when it snows. Everyone is staying indoors, keeping warm…well except for those nut jobs who just have to run the snowblower because they are bored. I love when it is snowing, and being outside. No, I don’t go sledding, or skiing. I actually hate both. I just stand. And listen. It is the most peaceful time of all I think.

I get the same effect in my bones when it has rained. The smell from a fresh rain just sends goosebumps down my spine.

So that is storm #1 for this week. #2 is flying in tomorrow night, but according to our trusty weather dude…it will be mostly ice and sleet. Nice change of pace from 6 feet of snow in a month and a half, don’t you think? It won’t be here until tomorrow though, so this little winter bird is heading to do some shopping in the morning. Fun…fun….not.

Be blessed! (and stay warm)


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  1. I live in FL, but used to live in Northern NY state. Photo #4 is compelling for me. In some ways I miss the quiet buffer of snow – the crunch, and white-ness.

    (It was cool here today – around 70 or so.)

    Thanks for the post.

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