Pining for Spring…or a close fascimile

Ok, so a foot of snow made me do it…seriously. I was working on cleaning up the laptop tonight. I needed to get all my photos backed up just in case a volcano or nuclear accident occurred in the near future.

So anyway, this little guy was lurking on my harddrive

It was taken back in September at one of my client’s homes. Her husband has placed a wire across the sliding glass door where she sits when she is not in bed, and hung several bird feeders there. She gets the most beautiful birds to watch. This particular one was a bit shy at first.

But then he came to his senses and decided to be sociable

I am actually surprised that these came out as good as they did, since I took them through the door, which didn’t have the cleanest glass…as proved by about 6 other shots that I am going to try and clean up with PE.

Ok back to our regularly scheduled snow storm…due in this Friday. Two in one week, boy we must be speshhhhaaaaallllllll.

Be Blessed!


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