I have been inspired! By this woman. Now, granted Ree may not know me from the next nut job that posts on her blog (I have once), but as Anne of Green Gables would say….She is a kindred spirit.

Her writing style is that of a woman with great talent, and a bit of a warped sense of humor. I can relate to a woman who continually refers to her children as punks….Mine are affectionately refered to as my favorite wingnuts. It is a sign of endearment, so don’t get out the picket signs just yet. My children know this…they miss it when I do not say it for awhile.

I also love Ree’s photography. She captures great shots, but what she does with those shots and Photoshop are amazing. It has inspired me to give it a try.

I have also decided to get back into my blog. I know, your wiping the drool from your chin as we speak. Because we all know that you were going through the DT’s, with my being so lax in writing.

But it dawned on me last week, and then Pioneer Woman’s writing reinforced it. I am back in my small childhood hometown…I missed it. More than even I realized. And I want to chronicle that. Not that many will care, but if nothing else, maybe I can give you a glimpse into some humor in the boonies of New Hampshire.

On that note, this inspired writer and photographer has to go do the dishes. Ahhh living in the lap of luxury has it’s benefits. Oh and I will hopefully have some shots of mother nature rearing her head again by tomorrow. We are currently in the middle of our sixth nor’easter since December 1st. These are the winters I remember as a child. Back then I didn’t have to drive in it though.


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