Creative Living

Wow! Two posts in one day?!? I know, here I don’t talk to you for forever, and then bam, I am all up in your face….what’s a blog reader to do?

Well, since we are getting inundated with snow, and I am avoiding unpacking the last few boxes from our move 2 weeks ago (frankly because I don’t know where to put the stuff yet), I thought I would share some cool finds from the internet.

In the move to the new apartment, I have gone from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom. Needless to say, it is taking some creative organizing to find the storage space for all of our things.

I found a cabinet-futon and thought it was the coolest thing. Take a few minutes to watch this will be amazed with what they come out with too.

While initially I thought this would be a good solution for my dilemma (sleeping in the livingroom, which is kind of tight on space at the moment)…I have decided to go for a sleeper sofa when taxes come in, instead. Why? Because I would still need to buy a sofa and pay for my father to make me one of those cabinet-futons. That is a bit more money than I want to spend. Especially when I can pick up a sofa bed for about $300.

If I come across anymore creative storage for small spaces, I will definitely share.


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