Birthday Bliss

Tomorrow my baby, Tommy, turns 10. Where in the world does the time go? My goodness, he is growing so fast! My daughter is taller than me and has been for some time, but the boys are on the verge of cresting that milestone…I will yet again be the shortest person in my family LOL!

I will still be able to tell them what to do, even if they tower over me. I am the MOM, hear me roar hahaha!

But one of the most incredible things is watching the “adults” they are going to become. Sure, they will hit bumps in the road, but they will have immense joy. All three kids are so unique in who they are. I adore them more than life itself, and am such a lucky mom to have them.

Sam…my singer, my artist, my bookworm, my idealist who thinks that things should be more fair in the world.

Joey…my engineer, my architect, my science geek, wears his heart on his sleeve.

Tommy…my silly one, my animal adventurist, my class clown, and who at 10 doesn’t mind still hugging mom and saying “Luv ya mom”….as long as no one is around to see it.

Be blessed!


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