Holy Smokes!

I can’t believe it has been over three months since I have written on my blog!!

There is just something SO very wrong in that…but life has been busy.

We got settled into our apartment. The kids got settled into school, and are doing well. And then BAM…….it happened. I work as a Licensed Nursing Assistant, and while taking care of a patient back on October 22nd, I hurt my shoulder. I have been to PT, which made it worse.

The next step was an MRI and Arthrogram….it was clear, no rotator cuff issues. So Dr. MP did an ultrasound himself in the office. I have torn the bicep tendon, and every time I move my arm, it is getting caught on the rotator cuff, plucking the tendon like an elastic. So it is staying inflamed and won’t heal. They are now doing Ionto treatments (electrical shock type therapy, in very very small doses) along with a steriod type medicine.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be doing much good either. I go back to Dr. MP next week, and will probably be having surgery to stitch the tendon back down in place so that it can heal.

Because of this injury, and being out of work for nearly three weeks now (Dr. MP pulled me out completely..I was doing light duty in the office), I am going to have to move again. It is a smaller apartment, two bedrooms instead of three. But the good news is that it is $150 a month cheaper, and heat is included. That will help immensely. I actually got very lucky with this…my older brother is moving to Portland, and it is his apartment that I am moving into. It also doesn’t hurt that I rented from this landlord nearly 13 years ago, for three years, when my daughter was little.

Another bonus of this apartment………we can have two cats! I still can’t have my baby (Scamp, my Pomeranian), but can have the cats, so that will help. The kids miss having pets soooo much, and frankly, so do I.

Ok, updates on the kids….Tommy and Joey joined Cub Scouts. So far they are both loving it and having a blast! Joey had a birthday in November and is now 12. Tommy will be 10 this Sunday. He doesn’t know it but he is getting a pet turtle for his birthday..shhhhhh lol.

Samantha is, as always, turning into a spectacular young woman at 15. She has her Christmas concert for the high school chorus for the next three days. Will be a busy weekend for sure!

I have some great pictures to post, but alas, it is getting late, and 5 a.m. comes awfully early. I will get them loaded to Flickr tomorrow, and then share with you.

Gosh I have missed writing here. It is such great therapy for the soul. And once I get moved, hopefully I will get my creative mojo back, and have some interesting stuff to share.

Until then…be blessed……I SURE AM!!


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