Dis and Dat…

Cheryl has a cute Random Tuesday blog…Take your middle name, and use each letter to tell something about yourself. So, here is mine:
P-Practically Perfect (in the words of Mary Poppins)…I am who I am. I can be stubborn, but also very very giving. I know I don’t want anyone to tell me what I can or can’t do…that is my decision to make.

A-Accepting…of others, of life, of everything. I don’t lay down and take things, but there are certain things that I cannot change. I do not judge people based on their looks or what they wear for clothes. I judge them on their character. Because in the end, that is all you have.

T-Tired…lol this is an ongoing thing as a single, working mother. Someday it will go away, and I will miss those days of too much to do, and the hugs and kisses. So tired is not necessarily a bad thing.

R-Right with GOD…I am not religious…I don’t believe you have to have a building to be with GOD. I think sometimes that building and the people within it get in the way of being with GOD. But God knows my heart. He knows my deepest, darkest secrets and he loves me.

I-Inpired…by those around me. The clients that I take care of in my job, by my family, by my children.

C-Creative…anything to help me get that out is good. Yarn and crochet hooks, scrapbooking supplies, paint and a canvas, pencil and paper, or even this great little laptop.

I-hmmm another “I” word…I am ME 🙂

A-Anxious…not sure what the future holds. Can’t wait to find out though!

Be Blessed


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