Shallow Hal’s

People are so judgemental.  I recently chatted with a gentleman online who said he liked what I had to say, and thought I was “cute” when he saw a picture of me.  But when he saw a second photo of me, where my hair was a bit messed up from a long crazy day of being a mother, friend, etc… he sent me an email saying that I had the “makings of a beautiful woman”, and he was sorry but he couldn’t talk to me anymore.

I don’t have the “makings of a beautiful woman”…I AM A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!  I refer back to my quote of the other day….I will fight tooth and nail to be myself in a world where everyone is trying to make me something else that fits their picture or preconceived notion of me.

I am and never have been a “trophy woman”.  I don’t wear make up except for on special occassions due to eczema, but that shouldn’t matter. I don’t spend time in the morning blow drying my hair and primping because 5 minutes after I do it would be a mess from being a mom and working woman, but that shouldn’t matter.

I have a good heart, a loving soul and care about the people in my life, THAT is what matters.  So bye bye Shallow Hal, hope you find that trophy woman that will make you happy.  I am glad I never actually met you.

Be Blessed!  I know I am !!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Oh my gracious…I don’t think I have ever heard of anything so shallow and mean!!! What a jerk!!!!! Good riddance, huh?

  2. Absolutely gf!! Not worth my time.

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