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90 years of life

pic437.jpg She has seen much in her 90 years.  Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  We haven’t always gotten along.  I wish we had, since she is my only living grandparent, and has been since I was 11.  But she is not that type of person.

I was thinking today about some of the things she has lived through ….

-She was born at the beginning of WWI, and has seen many more (her own family fighting to defend this country).

-She was a young girl during the depression

-She saw more things invented and still used today than I can even count.

-She saw her husband and one of her sons die, as well as all but one of her siblings.  There is only her and the baby of the family left.

-She has seen 9 grandchildren come into this world, and at least double that in great granchildren.

-She worked until she was forced by age not to.

Happy Birthday Gram.


2 Responses

  1. Happy ( belated) birthday to your grandma. Wow–90 years!! I can only hope to see so many!!

  2. Thanks Cheryl!

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