Checkin in…

It hasn’t been super busy around here, just work, the kids, normal everyday life…just haven’t had much to write about lately either.

 Stubborness is a good topic…why are we women so stubborn?  Especially with our health.  I take care of other people’s needs and health issues for a living…yet I can’t seem to get myself to the doctors.  Why is that?  Some of the excuses I have used in the last month…..It is getting better (yeah, for maybe a day), I can’t take a day off from work again (lost a week due to the car being sick), I don’t have the money (it is only $10 for a visit)…..

Sighhhhhhh…I am going to HAVE to go get checked out for what I classify as “head crud”.  It is more than that now, since it has been going on for a month.  Congestion, cold sores, sore throat on and off, painful sinuses, headaches.  Good drugs here I come LOL!

On a happy note, I finally rememebered to bring the camera to the beach, so hopefully will get the pics on the computer tonight and will share in the next few days.  Kids LOVE the beach, and it is a small one, but thank goodness for the beach being so close.  I can run them up there for an hour after work here and there, and they are happy.

Ok, off to work …have a blessed day!!


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  1. Girl! You gotta take care of yourself. It’s probably stress related issues that you’re dealing with, but you have to give yourself permission to take care of you. If you’re not doing well, then no one else will be either. You’re worth it. Make that call and get an appointment.

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