Mr. Murphy has moved on…

Mr. Murphy’s Law that is.  He seems to have been my best friend for several weeks.  But he has moved on, and I am hoping that whoever he is buddying up with now can handle it.  It is no fun.

But the good news…..I got the apartment I looked at two weeks ago!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  To say I am excited is and understatement.  I need to move on and begin again with my kids.  I need to be able to give them my attention and love without interference or jealousy from others.  I need to remind them how much I love them every single day 🙂

I will post pictures next week, we will be going to sign the lease on either Thursday or Friday.  I am going to take the kids with me, since I didn’t want them to see it until I was sure I was going to get it.  And it works out perfectly, since their last day of school is Wednesday.  And they can spend Thursday and Friday getting their rooms packed.  Most everything else in the house is packed, just minor stuff here and there.

So on to better things!  On to a more sane life!  On to giving my kids and myself what we deserve!

Have a blessed night!


2 Responses

  1. LOL…I love this title…so glad he has moved on….how can I get him to move outta my house? LOL….that would be a great secret to sell if you ever learn it…

  2. I wish I knew Robin lol…he came back for a week and played with my car. But hopefully he has moved on for a bit.

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