Life of a working mom..

The life of a working mom is chaotic, to say the least.  After being home for about 10 years, I am finding this out fast!  Yesterday is a case in point:

5:15 am-wake up, get cup of coffee, take all 3 dogs out

5:30-wake daughter up for school, drink illegal amounts of coffee and watch the news

6:30-send daughter out for bus, wake both boys for school, get them fed, get them dressed and ready, get myself dressed, make sure paperwork is ready for the work day, make lunches, pack backpacks.

7:45-head out the door, dropping boys at school, stop and get gas in car, head to first client’s home.

10:00 am-get extra client added to list for the day

2:05-done my client’s for the day, home for half an hour to take the dogs out, get something to drink.

2:30-go wait in line at school to pick boys up, give them instructions about getting their homework done while I am gone this afternoon, threaten grounding if they don’t behave, etc.

3:15-drop boys at home, head to last client’s home for the day

5:15-finally home for good.  Take all 3 dogs out, get french fries in oven, get boys to sit and do homework they didn’t get done while I was gone, get steak in the pan, feed dogs, start cooking corn.

6:00-Sitting down to eat, but two of three kids wanted to talk, so for the next hour or so, listened to their retelling of their days, etc.

Whew, I am tired reading that lol.  I finally got to bed after 9pm, after also folding laundry, doing dishes (aka: the stepdaughter doesn’t seem to know how to do them even though she is home ALL day doing nothing).  Also got to chat with Mom for about a half hour last night.  Always good to talk to her.  She is one of my best friends, which is funny, because growing up we didn’t get along very well.

I am very blessed that I have a close knit family.  We support each other, we can fight and be best friends the next day.  It is something that I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have, until I married my husband.  He doesn’t have that. His family is extremely distant with each other.  That is so foreign to me.  I speak to my mom at least 2-3 times a week, see my younger brother at least once a week, and talk to my brother about every 2 weeks, now that he is on his own again.  My dad isn’t home much, but I do get to see him usually about once a month, when he is not on trips for his job.

So, with all this said…here are my 12 things I am blessed with (per Nancy’s blog)

1.  Gorgeous, smart, loving, caring children.

2.  Parent’s that support me, even when they don’t necessarily agree with my decisions.

3.  Two brothers that I can laugh with, fight with, and just enjoy life.

4.  A job that I like, and clients that make that job easier

5.  Friends that love me just for who I am.

6.  An EX who is a great father to our children.

7.  A car that other than minor issues, is the best car I have owned in years.

8.  My computer.  I know, materialistic…but without my computer I wouldn’t have the friends I do, or be able to keep in touch with family as much as I do.

9.  Creativity….I love the ideas that pop into my head….now to find the time to do them all lol.

10.  A gorgeous state to live in (NH), with very little pollution, traffic or crime.

11.  Enough money to take care of my children.  No outrageous purchases, but enough 🙂

12.  You all!

Have a blessed day!  Off to catch up on housework and packing stuff, since I have the day off.


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