Luciousness Part III

To say I am not a fan of Martha is a huge understatement.  I won’t go into the gorry details, but I found this by way of surfing blogs today and I LOVE IT! 

I highly doubt that this is something she came up with on her own, more than likely her staff did.  So thank you to her staff.  This is sooooo going to be in my kitchen when I move to my new place.  Might even get a jump start and paint my shutters today.  No work today due to getting the inspection done on the car finally, so the reason I have time this morning for luciousness lol.

And I am not a “blue” person…it is actually one of my least favorite colors.  But I am liking the turquoise/brown combos out there now.  Check this out:

It can be found at Exposures.

Ok, off to take the boys to school and drop my car off at the garage…but expect more on this subject today 🙂

 And congrats to Cyndi!!!  You rock gf!

Have a blessed day!


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