This and that (projects I am inspired by)

So I have been surfing lately and found some darn cute projects (scrapbooking and other non scrapbook projects), so I thought I would share here.

This first one is actually thanks to Wendy.  If you visit her blog, she has a list of links on the left side for teacher gifts.  This one was just TOO ADORABLE!!  Go here to see the sandwich mini book that made me ooh and ahh this morning.

And I am SOOOOO making one of these once I move!  My father will regret telling me that I could use his wealth of power tools in his big unorganized garage.

I love this messenger bag…I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine lol!  There is a whole world out there to be discovered if I could just master threading the machine without the book.  Gonna have to enlist Mom’s help on that one since she used to make most of my clothes.

And while I wouldn’t use this in my home…it is one of those projects that just makes you say “Wow!”  Very cool design, very talented artist.

Many prayers today to my dear friend Cyndi…you are being thought of all day gf!

Have a blessed day!


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