Blog Challenge

Nancy posted a great blog challenge today so I thought I would take a shot at it.

What in your lifetime has only happened to you once:

1.  Ok this happened 3 times, but each one had it’s own challenges and joys:  I gave birth to the three most amazing children on the planet.  Not an easy task…each one was late by at least 2-3 weeks, and that alone caused issues.

2.  Met the love of my life and was dumb enough to let him go (and no it is not current dh).

3.  Got to spend 2 weeks with my grandmother before she passed away when I was 11.

4.  The joy of having parents who love me no matter what.

5.  Having a daughter who is just enough like me to “get me”, but different enough to challenge me and how I think about things.

6.  Met my friend Ms. Smurf in person a few weeks ago.  I hope this isn’t a once in a lifetime thing, because she is just truly amazing.

Ok, so I didn’t come up with as many as Nancy did, but not too bad.  As my friend Cyndi calls them…brain farts…are getting the better of me lately with all that is going on.

We didn’t get the mobile home I was hoping for, but did go look at two apartments Sunday.  Praying that I get one of them since the location is even more ideal than the mobile home was.

Work is going great!  I am loving taking care of my clients!  For those that don’t know, I am a Licensed Nursing Assistant and work for Homemaker’s, a local company that provides in home care for the elderly and disabled.  The ladies that I work with at Homemaker’s are the absolute best!  Especially Diane…she trained me and even talked me up to the head honcho the other day…about what a good LNA I am, and how glad she is to have me back.  That felt so good, since at the other place I didn’t get that.

The kids are almost done school, only 2 more weeks.  Yes, we are going later than most, but we also start later than most.  Our kids don’t really start school until after Labor Day weekend.  And with the snow storms we have had, and the flooding back in April, they had some days to make up.  Today was the boy’s field day.  They got to go to dd’s High School and do their track events on the big field and track.  Tommy didn’t want to do it, had to threaten grounding him if he didn’t turn in his permission slip, but in the end he had fun, just like I said he would. 🙂  Mommy knows best.

The weirdest thing that has ever happened as far as I know today took place here in NH.  I am sure it has happened sometime in the 200+ history of the state, but is definitely in line with the blog challenge….We had a tornado warning.  And of course it HAD to hit right as I was supposed to pick the boys up from school.  We had to run through thunder, lightening and downpours from the car to the school to get our kids, because they weren’t going to let them go.  They held the walkers until the storm calmed down.  Not a pretty picture, me sprinting from my car to the school at top speed.  For I have a deep dark secret that only my family knows…I am absolutely petrified of thunder, and even more petrified of lightening.  I jump constantly at the booms.  And I pull all the blinds and curtains shut so I don’t have to see the lightening.  Sad I know, at 41, but hey what can I say.

Ok, off to try and get some sleep…have a blessed evening!


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