Weekend update

So the weekend is gone.  What did I do?  Sent my kids off with their father for the weekend.  It rained most of it, but they did get to go fishing and not only caught fish but also a few painted turtles.

I spent the day at my mother’s while dh worked on my car.  Everything that made it fail the inspection is now done except the pipe on the exhaust that is cracked.  That I am going to have the garage do.  I just have to call this morning and get an appointment.

While there I scored a cover for my favorite wingback chair.  Ocean State Job Lots had advertised in their flyer this week that they carried them, and because wingback chairs are not all that common or popular anymore, I have had no luck finding a cover for this beloved chair that the cat scratched.  Well success!  I don’t have a picture, but it will go from a red/beige plaid to a beige chair once the cover is on.  And the best part…only $20!

And yesterday I went and checked out two apartments.  I didn’t get the mobile home, so the search continues.  Both apartments are in one building.  The two bedroom was nice, but the bedrooms are pretty small, so even though it will make my budget tighter, I fell in love with the 3 bedroom.  It doesn’t have a washer/dryer hookup, but I can deal with that.  I can always get a washer and hook it up to the sink. I have done that before.  It is a little bit of a pain, but no more so than going to the laundromat.  And it is cheaper.  The other plus about this apartment is the HUGE backyard.  And they will let me put my pool up for the kids.  That will make them totally happy.

The bad part…no pets.  And while I knew it was probably coming, I was still holding out hope for at least the cat, so that Sam would take the move easier.  But what can ya do?  I understand it.  My brother has already offered to take the puppy for us until we get into our place on our land.  And I know I can find a home for Scamp, which I will probably do soon.  I don’t think he will take me moving very well.  He is my baby.  And dh has already said he is going to take Dopey to the shelter.  So that just leaves the cat, who for now will stay here.

Working all week, but I do get out a bit early today, so I am going to go check out a vintage store in town that I forgot was there.  I am hoping to find some deals for the new place, especially a loveseat or something. Otherwise I will have to buy a futon.  I will let you know what I find, if anything.  I think I might take my camera and blog about the trip.  We will see.

Have a blessed day!


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