Lucious Things…

So I haven’t been posting much here, or emailing much to anyone lately due to my absolutely crazy schedule.  But the one thing I do, no matter what, over coffee every A.M. is read my favorite blogs.  Yesterday Donna showed photos of a very cool altered art store she visited called Red Lead.  You can read her post about it here, and look at this fabulous idea:

See those ornate picture frames with the box insert for shelving?!  Oh my GAWD, those are just too cool!!  I am so doing that for my livingroom in my new place.  I know I can find frames at Goodwill or Salvation Army that would be perfect for this!  I think I might make one for my dd Sam for her birthday in August.  Paint it black, and add Asian design(s) to it…oh the brain is on high alert for future projects!!

And doesn’t this












make you want to just curl up and snuggle in it?  It can be found here.  I can handle this since it has just enough green to it, so that it isn’t too blue.  Could stand to be a bit more greenish, but hey.  A girl can dream, it’s not like it is within the budget anyway :).

Another cool idea:  click here to see the shutters used to make a shelf on the cover of this book.  Love that idea!

Ok, enough luciousness for one night, as thunderstorms are on their way, and I need to shut the laptop down for the night.  More luciousness on it’s way as I find more fun stuff to spark my creativity!

Have a blessed evening! (and my apologies for the funkiness of this post…Wordpress doesn’t like me tonight lol)


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