Happy Birthday…..

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  Yeppers…I am officially 41 now.  The sad thing is this…the only people to remember it was my birthday were my mother (who obviously should since she gave birth to me), and my grandmother. 

I tortured my children this morning…asking them “Do you know what today is?”  They didn’t.  Although Tommy was the only one who knew what May 24th was off the top of his head.  Here is my conversation with him:

Me:  Do you know what today is?

Tom: The day before Friday?

Me: Yes, but what is May 24th?

Tom:  Your birthday…Happy Birthday mom…as he is trying to put his shoes on.

My conversation with Joe:

Me: Do you know what today is?

Joe: The 24th…my field trip is tomorrow…Lent?

Me: Nope, my birthday.

Joe: Well (very exasperated voice), you could have put it on the calendar.

LOL they are too cute.  I will let them tell Sam that it is my birthday, because if I guilt her, she will be in tears for forgetting.  Just how she is.  She nearly went into severe depression last year when she forgot.  Then I will get a drawing, poem, or something every single day from her for 2 weeks to make up for her forgetting.

Love those babies of mine, even if they aren’t babies anymore!

Have a blessed day!


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