Some pics…

So I am way overdue posting pictures from last week, when the kids sister was visiting from Tennessee.  So without further ado:

 Sam and Elizabeth.

 Sam, Elizabeth

Mr. Jefferson (Joey) and Tommy

 Boys and their toys.  Dad and Poppa bought this old tractor for the boys to play with in Poppa’s huge backyard.  Still needs a new seat, but they love it!

 ‘Scuze the butt shot lol.  This is when I was horsing around with the boys…and then the spill….

 Sam was so kind to take a photo of me coming up from wiping out on my knee.  Isn’t she a sweet daughter!?!

And update on the happenings around here…Work this week has been ok so far.  Light load of clients but feels good to be back at work.  Doesn’t leave much time for anything else after picking up the kids from school, doing homework with them, cooking dinner, then the dishes and anything else that “has” to be done.  But I am hoping to get some more packing done tomorrow.  I don’t have to work, so other than grocery shopping, my day is open.

I went and looked at a mobile home on Tuesday.  Not the Taj Mahal, but workable.  And the bonus is that they will let me paint all the rooms, as long as I stay within neutral colors.  Yeah!!  So I sent the application in today, I should know in a week.  Wish me luck!

Have a blessed day!


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