Monday night babble…

Well, my first day back to work was successful, albiet shorter than I would have liked.  I did two wonderful clients, both sweet ladies who make me smile.  Totally made my first day back so good!  One is 99 and the other is 85..and I hope I look as good, and can do as much as these two glorious ladies can when I am their age!

My darling daughter just gave me her birthday list.  Her birthday is in August.  She is actually late getting it to me this year!  LOL last year I got it in February, but then it had to go through several revisions.  Thought I would share what my atypical soon to be 15yo would like:

1.  MP3 Player (that is typical and already in the works)

2.  New clothes (she loves dresses, skirts, cool jeans (no hip huggers though!))

3.  Anime Posters (she is addicted to anime lol)

4.  Sherlock Holmes books (even more addicted to these..we saw a play done by some homeschoolers a few years ago when we were homeschooling, and she loved it!  Every chance I can find an old book or old 40’s movie of SH I pick it up for her)

5.  Jewlery..she loves earrings, necklaces..very girly in this not like mom.

6.  Book about Dragons

7.  Men In Tights movie (she loves this movie, and is a huge Monty Python fan)

8.  Anime movies (need I say more..see #3)

9. Chess set…she had one already..wonder what she did with it?

10.  Paint and brushes…suppose throwing some canvas in for good measure would be good?

11.  Journal w/lock and key (every teenage girl’s necessity)

12.  MONEY ( I can’t underline it 20 times like she did but you get the jist)

13.  New bike..nothing wrong with hers…works fine.

14.  Ice Skates…she has a pair…wonder where this came from?

15.  New Notebooks…this one is always on the list, and always fulfilled.  She loves to write!  And I don’t care if her spelling is atrocious…write away SweetPea!!!

She is growing up too fast (crushes on boys, talking about going to college in a few years), but in some respects she is still a little girl.  She still needs me.  I hope that never ever changes.  I adore this young lady that has my blue eyes, and my smile.  I adore this young lady that has my attitude (even if I don’t like it when she uses it on me sometimes).  I love this young lady that is smart as a whip.

Have a blessed night!


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