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What if….

 I know…it is a long, long, long shot…but what if you won?  Hubby insisted this was going to be the winning ticket, to solve the financial problems.  Obviously since I am still sitting here in my pj’s, drinking my coffee, and calm as could be, IT WASN’T.

But what if…..

1.  I would build a 5 bedroom home on my land.  I would have a studio for myself.  Each of my kids would have their own rooms, and I would have my own bedroom.  I would buy all new furniture for the new house.  We would add a pool to the backyard. 

2.  I would pay off my only two long term bills…my student loan and my credit card

3.  I would buy a truck.  This truck to be specific.

4.  I would pay off the small amount my parents owe on their mortgage and their new truck.  I would also give them a good chunk of money any time they wanted it.

5.  I would give my older brother and younger brother some money to pay off all their bills.

6.  I would set up accounts for the kids to pay for college, buy a house, or whatever they choose when they are over 18.

7.  I would donate to charity.  Habitat for Humanity, my church, and probably a few others.

8.  I would give my ex some money, and his parents.  They have always been very good to me.  And adore my kids.

Not too shabby.  Nothing too greedy and fancy…just a simple, easier life.  Would all that money make me happy…no.  I am not silly enough to think that.  But it would solve a few problems I face right now.

So if you could win a couple million…what would you spend it on?

Have a blessed day!


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