I am a working woman

Or will be on Friday morning.  I got the call from the Homemakers, and I will not have to redo all my training.  Wahoo!  All I have to do is sign a paper saying that I took a leave of absence.  And my boss Pat is going to do whatever she can to give me as many hours as she can.  Doing the happy dance!

 I may still have to take another part time job down the road to help cover the bills when I move, because I can’t (reads won’t) give up cable tv and internet.  That will cost $100 a month.

Now I just have to start putting my pennies away, and start apartment shopping.  Oh and pack up my stuff here.  I decided I want to pack up those things that don’t get used every day, things that I want to keep but don’t need out for everyday life.  So I was going through a closet in the kitchen..Yowsers…we collect a lot of useless junk!!  I put 3 extra bags out for the trash guys in just one hour.  I also cleaned out 3 of the 4 “junk” drawers.  So liberating!!  I am going to be very particular about what I keep.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Congrats on the job news!! That is GREAT!!

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