Personal dilemma solved…sort of

Like me, I am sure a lot of you have been reading all over the blogosphere about how Moms/Wives/Women in general, need to take time for themselves.  Re-evaluate what is important.  Focus on the family.

Well, that has been part of my struggle lately.  My dh and I have been having problems for a couple years now, and everytime it seems like we have hit a point where we have it all figured out.  But you know what? The only thing we have figured out is that we aren’t the same people we were when we got together back in 1999. And we don’t want the same things out of life.

Sad in many ways.  Giving up my stay at home status to go back to work.  Finding an apartment that will hold 3 children and all their paraphenalia, but still be within my soon to be single parent status. 

But there is an element of excitement as well.  We (the kids and I) have set a very important goal for this new chapter in our lives.  Within 5 years, and hopefully sooner, we will have our own house on the 2 acres of land that my parent’s gave me.  A home where we feel comfortable, safe, and will never have to move again.

So here is to saying goodbye to the lessons learned in the past that have made me a better person.  I thank my dh, despite the fact that we can’t be together, for all that he has given me, and taught me.  I am honored.

And here is hello to the new adventure that lies ahead.  We won’t be moving for at least a month..but there is much to get done between then and now.

Have a blessed day!


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